Elementor #9

We will be reopening 5/28/2020
Thursday - Sunday 11:00am- 5:00pm

About Us

Welcome to Sandy Spring’s premier foot and body spa. Whether you are escaping stress at work or you’re recovering from athletic activity, we are your place of restoration.

  • Serene and Clean Environment
  • Superb Customer Service 
  • Experienced Therapists

Our Services



Our Services

Foot Massage


30 Minutes: $30

5 min hot soak + hot towel cleanse



60 Minutes: $40

5 min hot soak+hot stones, shoulder rub.


Body Massage


60 Minutes: $80

Swedish and Deep tissue


90 Minutes: $100

Swedish and Deep tissue


120 Minutes: $140

Swedish and Deep tissue

Massage Packages


30 min Foot
+ 30 min Shoulder



30 min Foot
+ 60 min Body



30 min Foot
+ 90 min Body


Medical Massage

$120 per Session

Medical Massage: We concentrate on the treatment between the Soma (skeletal/soft tissue) and the viscera (organ systems) using an array of techniques and tools to bring muscle relief.
We can treat ailments such as:
  – Sciatica
  – Head aches
  – Frozen Shoulder
  – Tennis/Golf Elbow
  – TMJ issues
  – Hip Pain

Our Medical Massage Therapists

Galina Yildirim LMT, CMMP

This treatment is performed by Galina Yildirim LMT, CMMP, who is currently 1 out of 30 certified national practitioners. Below is a link to her credentials.
I received a master’s degree in meteorology and learned earth science for several decades, finally realizing that the human body is deeply connected to the nature around it.
I have four children who are amazing individuals and grew up in adverse conditions but inherited the drive for life and for love from our family. Finally, I realized that my first passion, my love for understanding of the human body, must finally come to fruition. I always had a great admiration for Medical Massage, as it was an essential part of the medical field. I finally expanded my horizons and found what I was looking for. “

Dmitry Yepifantsev

Atlanta's best foot massage spa
  • Certificate of Proficiency Clinical Electrophysiologic Evaluation (Clinical Electromyography) University of Bridgeport 
  • Certificate of Proficiency Neuronal Conduction Studies. Expert Clinical Benchmarks, LLC

“For more than the ten consecutive years (since 2003), I am working as Electro-Neuro Diagnostic tech in Atlanta Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation, Inc., GA Clinic and Pain Management & Wellness Centers of GA. I have knowledge and experience in performing diagnostic tests.

I have knowledge and great clinical experience in field of EMG/NCV and during my employment, I performed about 5200 cases of Nerve conduction studies and 560 cases of EMG (radiculopathy, neuropathy, polyneuropaty, CTS, plexopathy, etc.) I have great experience of planning, performing, interpreting and documenting the NCS/EMG exams in ethical, safe, efficient, and accurate manner.”

Chair Massage

30 Minutes: $40