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Welcome to Sandy Spring’s premier foot and body spa. Whether you are escaping stress at work or you’re recovering from athletic activity, we are your place of restoration.

  • Serene and Clean Environment
  • Superb Customer Service 
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Our Services



Our Services

Foot Massage


30 Minutes: $30

5 min hot soak + hot towel cleanse



60 Minutes: $40

5 min hot soak+hot stones, shoulder rub.


Body Massage


60 Minutes: $80

Swedish and Deep tissue


90 Minutes: $100

Swedish and Deep tissue


120 Minutes: $140

Swedish and Deep tissue

Massage Packages


30 min Foot
+ 30 min Shoulder



30 min Foot
+ 60 min Body



30 min Foot
+ 90 min Body


Medical Massage

$120 per Session

Medical Massage: We concentrate on the treatment between the Soma (skeletal/soft tissue) and the viscera (organ systems) using an array of techniques and tools to bring muscle relief.
We can treat ailments such as:
  – Sciatica
  – Head aches
  – Frozen Shoulder
  – Tennis/Golf Elbow
  – TMJ issues
  – Hip Pain
This treatment is performed by Galina Yildirim LMT, CMMP, who is currently 1 out of 30 certified national practitioners
Below is a link to er credentials.

Chair Massage

30 Minutes: $40

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